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Today's most effective marketing copy goes beyond catchphrases. Web content needs to communicate not only to the human reader, but to search engines as well.

(e.g.) creative content makes data-driven decisions to create compelling, unique copy that drives organic growth and conversions.

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Expert B2B SEO Content Writing Services

for digital marketing agencies and SaaS brands

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Finding just the right keywords — in a sweet spot between demand and competition — is essential for creating well-ranking content. Whether your business has its own on-staff SEOs or would like help with identifying keywords, we'll turn this data into clickable results.

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Content gap assessment identifies topics with a search demand that are not addressed well (or at all) by competitors. By integrating content gaps into overall strategy, we can target opportunities for valuable backlinks and high SERP rankings.

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The best SEO content does double duty. While it communicates with search engines, it also informs and engages website visitors. Build brand value and trust through highly informational web copy that's written in a user-friendly, appealing way.

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Whether the goal is to sell a software product, get new client accounts, or generate leads, SEO content works. By harnessing the power of persuasive language and pairing it with real search engine data, we can create high-traffic web pages that inspire a conversion.

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Emily Gertenbach started (e.g.) creative content in 2019, after spending nearly ten years helping growing eCommerce brands improve their reach online. Today, she works directly with agencies, consultants, and SaaS companies that provide marketing and eCommerce focused solutions.

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"I enjoyed working with Emily, and look forward to not only working with her in the future but also reccomending her to clients of mine looking for a capable copywriter."

Kashia Dunner

kashia dunner consulting

washington, d.c.

"I've been working with Emily for quite a while now and she has exceeded my expectations. My biggest dilemma was finding a writer who knows how to write for search engine optimization purposes...the writing she has provided has allowed our site to start seeing some nice gains in the SERP's. We are early in the process but we are already starting to build a nice mountain line graph in both Google Analytics for traffic and Google Search Console for visibility impressions."

Thomas Liquori

founder, blendim

harrisburg, pa

"Emily is a dream to work with. Her knowledge of copywriting and online content strategy has been invaluable as I've navigated the launch of my company, Inner Workout. Emily is a wonderful listener who really takes the time to understand her clients' brands and industries so that she can set them up for success."

Taylor Morrison

founder, inner workout


Frequently Asked Questions

(Don't see your answer listed here? Contact Emily for more information!)

Who Do You Work With?

I work with agencies, consultants, and SaaS companies who provide marketing and sales support. This may include a digital marketing agency, a PPC consultancy, or a MarTech SaaS brand among others. Check out my portfolio and see if it looks like a good fit for you! Not sure? Drop me a line and we'll chat about it!

Do I / my client need seo copywriting services?

If you or your client have a website, yes. SEO content is the most effective way to develop long term, sustainable growth. Whether the website is geared toward a digital product, subscription, or service, SEO content writing will be highly beneficial for overall traffic and business revenue.

Where do you get your seo and keyword data?

I am happy to work with data provided by your agency or incorporate SEO research into any package. My research may include several information sources, including industry-leading SEO tools.

Do you write email and social media content, too?

At this time, I currently only offer website SEO writing services. By focusing my work in this area, I can provide a more comprehensive service to deliver maximum results.

What is your rate per word?

Because SEO content writing is a multilayered process, I charge a convenient flat rate for most projects. This rate encompasses all consulting time, research, and written content unless otherwise specified. Contact me to begin a custom quote!