Put your words to work

Today's most effective marketing copy goes beyond catchphrases. Web content needs to communicate not only to the human reader, but to search engines as well.

(e.g.) creative content makes data-driven decisions to create compelling, unique copy that drives organic growth and conversions.

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Expert B2B SEO Content Writing & Consulting

for MarTech SaaS and Creative Agencies

SEO content is something marketing consultants and SaaS brands should focus on from day one — but we know how life goes. It's all too easy to say "I'll do it later!" when you're putting out fires and then...don't.

My done-for-you service takes it off your plate. I'll handle the SEO research, competitor analysis, topic development, and, of course, writing. You'll get four fully-optimized articles a month — all you need to do is click publish!

If you're a creative consultant, your voice is important to your brand. You might want to write your own content (and even enjoy it!) but sometimes wonder if you're doing it right — or even where to start.

I'll work with you to make the process painless and help you feel confident about creating marketing content. Every month, I'll develop two article briefs for you — complete with SEO research and instructions on keyword placement. You'll use the brief to write the blog post in your own words and voice. Plus all the support you need, of course!

Ever wish you had a writer or an SEO expert on hand to answer questions or give you feedback? You've got one now! Add me to your team for one hour or a full day — I'm here to help you with all your pressing content and on-page SEO issues.

Hey there, I'm Emily.

The world of search has gone through countless changes since I started creating optimized web content in 2010. One constant, however, is a continual push toward promoting and rewarding websites that use real, natural language — not lists of keywords that don't provide value to a human reader.

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"Working with Emily and (e.g.) creative content was a dream. From the start, Emily's approach was one of education, not sales. She positioned me to feel strong about the possibilities for improving the SEO of my website, offering actionable feedback, access to tools and resources, and additional and ongoing support."

Kari Ginsberg

uproar coaching

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"Emily has been amazing to work with. I am a very busy person, but also understand the importance of having content on my website, and she has made the process SO easy! She understands my voice and the tone I want on my site, and puts together amazing blogs about topics that I never would have even thought of!"

Kayla Shawley

shawley marketing

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SEO Content for Humans

If you've found yourself conflicted by knowing you need SEO content, but feel it's too robotic, you aren't alone. Despite what a lot of online examples would have you believe, it is absolutely possible to have eloquent SEO content that's written for people...while still doing all the good technical stuff behind the scenes.

Over the past 11 years, I've developed an SEO-friendly style that passes data to search engines but reads like an engaging, informational article that your visitors will actually enjoy.

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Benefits of Custom SEO Content

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Finding just the right keywords — in a sweet spot between demand and competition — is essential for creating well-ranking content. Whether your business has its own on-staff SEOs or would like help with identifying keywords, we'll turn this data into clickable results.

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Content gap assessment identifies topics with a search demand that are not addressed well (or at all) by competitors. By integrating content gaps into overall strategy, we can target opportunities for valuable backlinks and high SERP rankings.

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The best SEO content does double duty. While it communicates with search engines, it also informs and engages website visitors. Build brand value and trust through highly informational web copy that's written in a user-friendly, appealing way.

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Whether the goal is to sell a software product, get new client accounts, or generate leads, SEO content works. By harnessing the power of persuasive language and pairing it with real search engine data, we can create high-traffic web pages that inspire a conversion.

Real clients, real results.

+ 225%

increase in monthly
website visitors

+ 63%

more traffic from
organic search

4 mo.

to rank with leading competitors
on new keywords

Boost Your Traffic with the Pillar + Cluster Package

The Pillar + Cluster package uses a proven SEO content model where a core, comprehensive article (the Pillar) is supported by a cluster of three additional articles that go in deep detail on related topics. By focusing on a different topic cluster every month, you can build authority content about all areas of your business, and build valuable linking connections to aid your SEO + rank.

This service is for MarTech SaaS brands and creative consultants who want a library of authoritative, informational content they're proud to link to — but just don't have the time to do it themselves. Every aspect of the content creation process is handled for you, from initial concept to research and writing.

3 month package

6 month package

Monthly SEO Content Writing

Custom keyword strategy and four pieces of content delivered every month to support your SEO growth.

Monthly keyword strategy
Complete topic development
One, 3000 word article monthly
Three, 1000 word articles monthly



Listed prices are per month

"The writing Emily has provided has allowed our site to start seeing some nice gains in the SERPs. We are early in the process but we are already starting to build a nice mountain line graph in both Google Analytics for traffic and Google Search Console for visibility impressions."

Thomas Liquori

founder, blendim

See examples of SEO content in action on real clients' websites!

Consulting & Training

The content on your business website or blog is one of the most useful, cost-effective marketing tools you have in your arsenal. But when you're busy running your business, figuring out how to make it all...work can be a real chore.

I get it — and I'm here to help. Whether you just really need to pick someone's brain for an hour, or want to work toward feeling more confident in your own writing ability every month, we're gonna make your content great.

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Feel confident
about your content.

Done-With-You Help for Creative Professionals

Pick my brain

Not sure what a meta description is? Need help understanding Google Analytics? Just want to ask someone all your SEO questions and see if you're on the right track? This is for you!

One-hour recorded Zoom session
Screen-share walkthroughs
Answers for you (or your client's!) questions
Report of actionable feedback on your current website content
One week of post-call email support
Custom toolkit and cheat sheets to help you implement what you've learned

$550 / session

Need more time? Contact me for half- and full-day rates!

Optimize your inner writer

You want to write, you like to write, but you aren't sure if you're writing... right. Sound familiar? It's a lot easier to let the words flow when you don't have to worry about how to make it effective for marketing. Let me handle that part — you just let your voice shine.

6-month website content plan
Data-backed topic development
Two monthly article briefs (complete with outline, SEO keywords, and how to use them!)
Monthly check-in calls
Daily access to me on Slack

$900 / month

Six-month minimum commitment.

"I look forward to continuing my relationship with (e.g.) creative content as my business evolves, and I cannot recommend their services enough."

Kari Ginsburg

uproar coaching

I'm Emily, & I Know SEO.

I more or less fell into the world of SEO writing over ten years ago when, setting aside my initial aspirations to be a Serious Journalist (bills, you know?), I found myself at an eCommerce company. Before long I found that I really liked SEO writing — it involved many of the things I liked about journalism (research! facts! digging!) and none of the stuff I didn't (interviews).

I love telling a story, but I hate writing fiction. What I want to do is tell your story — or help you tell it yourself. Your website content the perfect place to express who you and your company are, and we can do it in a way that targets the people who want to hear from you most.

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Let's get to know each other.

Things to Know About Me:

Professional tidbits

I've been a writer for 17 years
I'm a former freelance newspaper writer
I'm trained in on-page SEO optimization
I used to do in-house eCommerce SEO content
I want to improve the ethics of SEO
I've worked with clients in four countries (so far!)
My speciality is long-form blog posts and guides
I love writing content that explains topics people often find boring (there's ways to make it fun!)

Personal stuff

I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and dog
My favorite season is fall...all two weeks of it
I really like vacationing in Miami
I enjoy doing cross stitch that involves swears
I'm allergic to dairy and I miss nacho cheese
I practice yin yoga
I volunteer at a library
I read a lot; my favorite genres are speculative fiction and psychological thrillers

What Should I Know About You?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with?

I work with marketing tech SaaS brands and creative consultants. My clients include independent web designers, email marketers, digital marketing agencies, membership software platforms, digital asset management companies and more. Check out my portfolio and see if it looks like a good fit for you! Not sure? Drop me a line and we'll chat about it!

Does my business need SEO content?

If you or your client have a website, yes. SEO content is the most effective way to develop long term, sustainable growth. Whether the website is geared toward a digital product, subscription, or service, SEO content writing will be highly beneficial for overall traffic and business revenue.

Where do you get your SEO and keyword data?

I am happy to work with data provided by your agency or incorporate SEO research into any package. My research may include several information sources, including industry-leading SEO tools.

Do you write emails, landing pages and social media content, too?

At this time, I currently only offer website SEO writing services. By focusing my work in this area, I can provide a more comprehensive service to deliver maximum results.

Why do your packages require a minimum of 3-6 months?

SEO is a slower-growing yet sustainable method of digital marketing. As such, it takes about 6 months to gather initial results when starting from scratch. This time frame allows us to gather data that is useful for future strategizing!